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KEITH SMITH making an impact...

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Matt Austin

Hands, Speed, Size, Strength… all of these attributes were on display when Matt Austin came to the S.T.A.R.S winter workouts. But get this; he was not even 100% healthy. Matt was recovering from a knee injury that sidelined him for the whole 2010 season.  Only playing one season of varsity football for Charter Oak High School in Covina, Matt went on to a junior college where he excelled at WR and learned the small nuances of the position. From Junior college to Utah State where in his first season he slated as a starter and an impact player. Recording only 1 catch for 59 yards in 2010, Matt’s ability to get open and route running was quickly recognized by the Oklahoma Defense. There is no doubt in my mind that if Matt was healthy, the 31-24 loss that game may have easily been a win.

Matt was chomping at the bit to take part in some of the competitive drills during the workouts. After watching his team all season, once again he had to watch while other WR’s and DB’s competed in 1 on 1 drills and 7 on 7. Instead of watching and feeling sorry for him self, Matt was in the huddle listening and asking the coaches questions. You can tell he was hungry to get better, and learn.  As an Ex- basketball player, who had great jumping ability and not to mention a knack to judge the ball when in the air, Matt made it tough for defensive backs to play Matt not just in the red zone but anywhere on the field.

In 2011 Matt will make his presence felt, with the first two games of the season at home, students and fans will find out right away who Matt is and what they can expect from him for the rest of the season. I can’t wait to watch Matt this year for a couple of reasons. I know what its like to watch your team compete and being sidelined due to injury.  If Matt responds the way I think he will, I only have one thing to say, “Watch out WAC conference.” I’m also excited to see another athlete from my alma mater Charter Oak High School, do their thing on the football field. 

S/O to Matt Austin, another S.T.A.R.S athlete, even though the S.T.A.R.S is backwards on the shirt, they know what it is… Keep representing

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Hellllloooooo, can anybody hear me…. I hope so, because 2 years ago when Keith Smith was a Senior at Charter Oak High School, only one school heard what I was saying.  When I told college scouts and coaches that  Keith Smith is gonna be an impact player at the next level, no one believed me. Well, jokes on you pac-12 and WAC conference. 

Fast forward to today, from what scouts thought was a 2 star recruit to: Freshman All American, WAC freshman of the year, National Linebacker of the Week for his October 23 performance vs Fresno State, and SJSU athlete of the month (October). I wouldn’t call Keith a sleeper, not even two years ago when he was a senior. If you watched Keith on film his senior year, you realize right away that he could have played and excelled on any major D1 team. I know what you’re thinking right about now, you’re not to impressed by his honors because hey, it is just San Jose State and the WAC conference we are talking about. Well, let me take this time to remind you that in week 7 the WAC conference had 3 teams ranked in the top 20, and 2 teams in the top 15 final rankings. Okay, your still not impressed, maybe you feel like the WAC doesn’t play anybody. San Jose State University had the SECOND toughest schedule in all of the NCAA, starting off with the National Champs Alabama, then Wisconsin the following week, then the conference featuring teams like: UTAH, NEVEDA, and BOISE STATE… If you’re still not sold on Keith Smith, i’ll give it one more try. Let’s go to the numbers for all you mathematicians, the numbers don’t lie. Keith recorded 116 tackles 4 sacks, and 14 tackle for losses, which was a NCAA record for freshman Linebackers, not to mention he did not become the full time starter at linebacker until week 5. If you’re not sold yet.. I don’t know what else to tell you, other than, HATE HATE HATE HATE( Dave Chappelle Skit)

Keith is one of those kids who you meet and you can’t believe that he is the same player you watch on Saturdays talking trash and terrorizing opposing offenses. Keith is a very humble kid with a work ethic out of this world. I saw him transform him self after his junior year at Charter Oak high school into what we like to call today “a Beast.”  His attention to detail as a football player and at the linebacker position has allowed Keith to have early success at SJSU which was no surprise to me. A true student of the game, who is always trying to find an edge over his opponent. If he keeps this up for the rest of his college career, I will be writing articles on all of his accomplishments as an NFL rookie.  

BIG SHOUT out to another S.T.A.R.S athlete, thank you for the picture. #DREAMTEAM stand up